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Confirmed keynote speaker

Drawing Connections – Comics as Art and Inquiry, Symposium at Malmö University November 15–16, 2024. 

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Dr. Harriet EH Earle. Photo: Sheffield Hallam University

We are happy to announce that Dr Harriet EH Earle FHEA, Senior Lecturer in English and Creative Writing, Sheffield Hallam University, will present a keynote.

Harriet Earle (Hattie) is a lecturer and researcher in comics and popular culture. Her current research brings fibre arts and needlework into conversation with comics. What connections can we make between these two artistic forms and to what end? If we broaden our working definitions of comics to include narrative needlework, how does our understanding of both fields change – who is included and what is gained? Hattie considers the politics and poetics of the needle as a tool for creating narratives that give voice and power to [previously] silen[ced/t] communities. 

Profile at Sheffield Hallam University:


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Comics, Trauma, and the New Art of War (U. Press Miss. 2017)


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