About the hub

Different ways to take part of the hub.

Still from The Academic Day at Skillinge Comics Festival 2021.


We continuously arrange events of different kinds within the context of the hub. Conferences, exhibitions, public presentations, artist talks etc.  See Hub-events in the menu for updated information.

Disseminate research
We offer opportunities for scholars to disseminate research;  ongoing projects as well as finished through our seminars, symposiums, publications or other academic- or public presentations.

We continuously offer workshops of different kinds, both in academic and artistic practices. We also welcome suggestions of workshops we can host.

Artistic development
We offer opportunities for artists to develop prototypes, present exhibitions, attend artist talks, masterclasses etc.

Free-standing courses and programs
Within the context of the hub, we also offer free-standing courses in comics and related subjects such as narrative design, character design, creative writing and narration. Our programs in design and communication also provide options to further develop knowledge in visual narratives, drawing and graphic design.

To take part of the hub, please contact us via mail: gunnar.krantz@mau.se