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Malmö University Comics Hub is a platform för research, artistic development and cooperation within the field of comics, hosted by the School of Arts and Communication (K3) at Malmö University.

The contemporary comics scene is diverse and multifaceted. Classic characters from the 30s are still popular and on display side by side with avantgarde-, feminist-, and political artists. Mainstream could very well be represented by semi-autobiographical funny animals and on the alternative side we find self-published epic genres (noir, fantasy, horror)  and manga. 25 years ago, the situation was radically different and many feared that comics would soon be obsolete, due to the fast growth of digital media. But during these 25 years both comics and comics research has undergone an almost explosive development. A phenomenon especially noticeable in Malmö – branded as The City of Comics, with a rich infrastructure of comics related initiatives, educations, professional artists, publishing companies, comics organizations and The Swedish Comics Archive.

Malmö University Comics Hub aims at presenting and discussing current research on comics, as well as resources for such research, in the form of conferences, publications, academic networks, archives, collaborative projects etc.

The hub is hosted by the School of Arts and Communication (K3) at Malmö University

Still from the broadcast of The Contemporary Nordic Comics Research Conference at Malmö University, with pioneer of Swedish comics research, Sture Hegerfors.

Malmö Comics Research Lab

The Comics Hub is a continuation of a previous project; Malmö Comics Research Lab with the aim to develop, drive, and present research, projects, publications, and other public presentations, as well as the people involved at Malmö University. See this link for more information about the project: Malmö Comics Research Lab

Comics on public display in Malmö produced by the project Seriestaden

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We invite scholars, artists and other professionals working with comics to start using the hub as a node for dissemination of research, of information about conferences, calls, publications, exhibitions etc. To participate, see About the hub.